Why the Y?


The moment you decide to name something, you need to be so concise that a whole concept reduces to a short sound, few letters. Names aren’t just a way to recall things, names embody feelings, emotions… they whisper. Think about Apple, Amazon, Oracle. You might not know what a name means, but the way it sounds can still give you some ideas about its meaning.

Look around. Almost everything that surrounds you has being built by someone. And that’s our present. You can take what someone has built yesterday, shape it, add your own intuitions, knowledge and create something new today that could be used by someone else tomorrow. Which means: you can build our future. Future isn’t happening by itself, we are making it.

We can build something useful for others, just like the laptop I’m using to write this article or the network infrastructure that makes it available on the web. We are creators. And we are motivated by our intrinsic need to share. So the best way to create something new is to build something useful for others. We can have an impact on everyone’s else life.


Generation Y has access to incredible information and resources. Sending a message to several million people takes no more than one click on Facebook or Twitter. Think about how learning has changed over the last years, most of what we need to learn is freely available on Internet. You don’t need to ship a prototype oversea, you can email it to a local 3D printer. Generation Y is the first generation that grew up with these technologies and the incredible advantages that they bring.

The more technology advances, the easier it will be to build something useful for others and to have a strong, positive and lasting impact on their life. Generation Y will be the first generation able to craft the future with natural and innate use of these new technologies. That’s what we call “Ympact”, the impact that generation Y can (and should) have on our global society.

Humanity is facing a few big challenges today: clean energy, climate change, access to water, food, education. Like it or not, we need to fix them. Soon. And generation Y is the generation that can do it, that needs to do it. That’s why we strongly believe that we all need to have a strong, positive and lasting impact on our global society focused on solving the big challenges humanity is facing today and improving everyone’s life. Earth is the only spaceship we have.

Challenges Ympact

We need to build the future we all want to live in. And in the next 20 years, generation Y will be driving the main innovation waves on Earth. Every time you come across a game changing technology that’s able to solve these big challenges or drastically improve human life, think of Ympact. The future is us.

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